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Candidate Registration Form

Our Candidate Registration Form walks you through our introductory process. Here is where you will provide us with your basic information and availability to work so that we can process your registration quicker and more effectively than by hand. Your details will be entered into our secured system and catalogued according to your skills and availability. We do not share your information with anyone. Please review our policies and procedures for more information.
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Policies and Procedures

Please review and bookmark our policies and procedures page for your understanding and reference. All our policies and procedures are kept up to date and are subject to change so please be sure to keep abreast of the newest version. Any questions in regards to these can be queried directly through Makibe Australia.
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Tax File Number Declaration Form

Please review and complete the TFN Declaration form from the directed government website. Without this form it is difficult to process payments properly. Please read through the form thoroughly and direct any questions through Makibe Australia or the Australian Taxation Office.
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Fair Work Information Page

Please review the Fair Work Information page from the directed government website. This website is hosted by the Australian Government to educate you and provide you with required information in regards to your rights, entitlements and obligations as an employee.
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