Workplace Health & Safety Services

Many owners, directors and managers are time poor as they are wearing many hats.

Therefore, Makibe Australia offers outsource assistance to ensure that our clients are able to focus on running their businesses without the stress of workplace and legislation compliance.

We work with our clients extensively to ensure that they have the correct Work Health and Safety systems in place.


Benefits of our services to our Clients:

  • Compliance with the legal obligations of the National WH&S Act and Regulations.
  • Compliance with the Federal legislation requirements for risk assessments be carried out and a WH&S system be put in place by all businesses.
  • Comply with The Fair Work Act and Modern Awards so as to minimise risk of $50,000.00 fines for breaches.
  • Providing moral obligations not to injure employees.
  • Reduction to your financial costs of incidents, accidents and workers compensation.


WHS services we provide:

  • Risk assessments.
  • Workplace health and safety compliance.
  • Drug and Alcohol testing.
  • Workplace health and safety audit, plans and system implementation.
  • SWMS.
  • Hazard detection and reporting.
  • Return to work and rehabilitation procedures.
  • Site inspections and policies audit.

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